Meet The Maker: NoLi Baby

Meet The Maker: NoLi Baby

From the moment I met Lisa from NoLi Baby I knew it was going to be the best kind of vendor/retail partnership (now a great support system/friendship). The first time we met was to brainstorm over mimosas and snacks at Lisa's beautiful home on LOTW. We discussed what exactly it was that Poplar + Birch wanted to carry from the line and how it could all tie together. We decided that day to do something that was exclusive to the shop and the rest was history. Fast forward to almost a year and a half later and the Noli Baby bibs and lovies are still the number seller for baby gifts. NoLi Baby is a maker of modern quilts, blankets and so much more. They are for little ones and the ones who love them. So grab a chair, have a read and meet one talented, beautiful and genuine soul.


Who is Noli Baby?
I’m Lisa, the face behind NoLi Baby. You may get a glimpse of me here and there, but I’m usually pretty behind the seams 😉
From the designing, cutting, sewing, piecing, pressing, quilting, binding, branding, packaging, shipping, and communicating, I do it all.
It’s quality, it’s careful attention to detail, it’s heirloom worthy.
And these other two, well they are the whole reason behind it.
What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?
Fresh starts.
Days are long, filled with work, kids, family, day to day responsibilities, commitments and such. My brain is always on and there’s nothing I love more than falling into sleep and knowing tomorrow is a fresh start.
Describe how your business came about?
After years in the field of early childhood education, and then having children of my own, I’d given so much of me and learned burn out is real. With lots of tears, chats and support from my hubby, staying home with the kids seamed 😉 like the next best thing. Soon after I found I needed something for me! I fell in love with fabrics and design in the Pinterest world and wondered if I could learn to sew and fill my winter with that task. I had a brand new sewing machine sitting in my closet that my Mom and MIL gifted me, a husband that knew how to use it and showed me how haha, and 2 boys Nolan and Liam (hence the name NoLi Baby) who needed a mama happy, and most importantly, present. The rest is history.
What is the key to a good work/life balance and how do you do it?
You have to be happy, and happy in both. Know what you need and do what you can to make that be. It’s about finding that balance.
What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Not much spare time here, but if I can sneak in a walk or peppermint tea (this is new for me!) it gives me a bit of refreshment.
Who do you look to for inspiration, support and advice in small business?
My Instagram community and many other small shop owners! I have a group of small business boss babes, whom some I’ve never met, and have this instant connection with. Community over competition is really where it’s at.
What has been your biggest challenge to date and your biggest accomplishment?
This applies to both.
Learning to say no.
I wanted to be able to please everyone and offer a bit of everything! I wanted others to see what I was capable of, thinking variety was key. I surly thought that was the way NoLi Baby would grow.
Well, years later, I replied my first,” unfortunately I don’t make those”. How did I feel? At first I was so worried about disappointing, then i thought it through. I had finally got my product to where I wanted it. Scaling back what I offered was the real beginning of success. Years of perfecting, attention to detail and trial and error. That in itself became my biggest accomplishment.
If someone didn’t know your brand and was scrolling through Instagram, how would they know that they had stumbled upon Noli Baby?
They’d see little squares filled with nolibaby goodness... ooak designs, pattern specific - no randomness here lol, close ups of detail, process, and of course captures of sweet little #nolibabies.
Final Question. What is one thing you want for Christmas?
Well that’s easy, a Poplar + Birch gift card!!
And now a little game of This or That:
Coffee or Wine
Daytime or Night
Early mornings or Late nights
Summer or Winter
Lake or Ocean
Mountains or Beach
Designer or Etsy - it’s even!!
Savoury or Sweet
Find NoLi Baby:
Instagram: @nolibaby
Nov 13, 2018

Such a beautiful article on an amazing young woman. Wonderful job Lisa!

Cliff Read
Nov 13, 2018

Congrats on your thriving business!! You really found the gift you had in you and made it come to life! So happy things are going so well!! Warm regards from Susan

Susan Smith
Nov 09, 2018

Yay, Lisa!! So proud of my big sister XO

Erin Wagenaar
Nov 09, 2018

I am over the moon in love with all things Noli Baby!
The quality is exceptional and Lisa’s eye for prints is spot on.
I have many items from her brand that I have gifted in the last few years and have always been so proud to give them as precious gifts.
I am always keeping in my radar any new upcoming Mamas I may know and am forever telling Family and Friends about Noli Baby!
Lisa is a dream just like her vision and I know greatness is always going to follow her because of it!
Love that Poplar and Birch is in town too!
Keep up all things lovely 💗

Coreen Poitras

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