Our Pregnancy This Far

Our Pregnancy This Far

Dear Twin A and Twin B,


I never knew I could love two humans I haven’t met. From the moment I heard your heartbeats, I knew our lives would be forever changed.


You my loves are a rare and high risk set of twins. You are mono chorionic/ di amniotic. This means that instead of developing in two separately functioning amniotic sacs with individual placentas, you share one sac divided by a thin membrane and one single placenta.


When we found out the type of twins you were we also were informed of the risk Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. From the moment I left that appointment I spent time researching what that meant. Let’s be honest, Google isn’t going to always be your best friend. This has been my biggest fear during our short time together.


On Friday we went for our routine fetal assessment which I have come to love because it means I get to see you both on the regular. Just when I thought everything was A Okay the nurse called in the doctor. There was that awkward and uncomfortable silence as she took more measurements. She left the room and instantly my eyes welled up with uncertainty. The doctor came back in to tell me that there was an abnormal read on the blood supply to Twin A’s umbilical cord which raises red flags of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Up until this appointment you both have been measuring bang on with one another and now there is starting to be a gap.


We have been asked to come back this week for another appointment to look more into the concern. I have never been more thankful for the kind of healthcare we have received this far.


I hope you both know that every hurdle we face makes us fall more in love with you than we could have ever imagined. We are so fiercely attached to you both and cannot wait to see who you will become💙💙


Mom & Dad




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