K'pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

K'pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

$11.00 CAD

Your favourite k'pure scents, in pure and organic essential oil blends for diffusers and nebulizers, or added to a carrier oil like organic extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil at a dilution of 5% max.  

Apply Deep Breath, diluted on a congested chest, or use Settle Down for a calming bedtime massage. 

5 ml each


**All essential oils are meant for external use only unless under the guidance of a medical practitioner.  Always dilute oils in a carrier oil. Never apply undiluted to skin.**

Almond Cookie: like fresh bakes cookies without the work, including vanilla and almond  

Comfort Spice: smells like orange and fall spices, simmering on the stove, including: orange, cinnamon and clove 

Deep Breath: peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus

Fir Real: a crisp forest blend including: Spruce, Hemlock and Fir 

Good Morning: grapefruit, spearmint and a hint of ginger, great for morning sickness and hangovers  

Keep Going: an energizing blend including citrus and spearmint 

Settle Down: a calming blend including lavender and neroli 

Time Out: Bergamot, citrus, lavender with a hint of almond