The Kids Harrison Crewneck
The Kids Harrison Crewneck
The Kids Harrison Crewneck

The Kids Harrison Crewneck

$50.00 CAD

Almost one year ago we started brainstorming. If you are reading this, read that first sentence again. This is actually how long it takes to produce and manufacture your own garments. So that means one year of hard work and love have been poured in to creating these pieces. 


We dreamed up things that were missing in our own personal wardrobes (if you know us, we love casual and basics). We also wanted to selfishly match our boys. 


Ashley and Katie are boy Moms and found a major gap in the market of not being able to find pieces that pair back and match. So what better way to go about getting those pieces, than creating them.


This collection is for everyone. Whether you have children, or you don’t. Whether you want to match with a little person in your life, or you don’t. This collection was created as a way to fuel our heart.


We want to dedicate this collection to our boys. These boys inspire us every day to want to be the best versions of ourselves. We want to show them that you can achieve anything in life with a little bit of hard work and a whole lot of passion.


Watch for the blue embroidered heart on all our pieces to symbolize our love💙


We truly wanted to create pieces to wear, like really wear! This set is meant to be worn on a Saturday morning, to run your errands, while you travel and honestly, its just meant to worn every single day. The best part? Match your mini if you have one or even a special little in your life if you want. All the pieces in the collection can be worn separate or together.


  • Fit true to size with a relaxed fit
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash cold water, lay flat to dry