Babes + Blends Essential Oil Rollers

Babes + Blends Essential Oil Rollers

$24.00 CAD

Essential Oil Rollers.

Headache: Peppermint and Panaway mixed with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to temples, neck and behind ears. Or apply to sore muscles.

Itch Stick: Giving you relief from itchy bug bites. Lavender, tea tree and purification. Apply to bug bites.

Mama Bear: Promotes relaxation and calmness. Help relieve stress and anxiety.

Seasonal Support: Spring or Fall got you sneezing? This blend is great for seasonal change as well as prepping our bodies for flu season.

Northern Lights: This blend is woodsy, grounding and promotes finding inner peace. It is great for meditation, sleep or simply a reminder of the great outdoors.

You Got This: You are stronger than your anxiety. This blend will knock your anxiety down and remind you that "you got this".

Sleep Tight: Promotes relaxation, helps with restlessness and a great product to add to your bedtime routine.